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Ref. OMCTituloComen. HastaPais
G/TBT/N/ARG/364/Add.2 Suplementos dietarios. 20/09/2021 Argentina
G/TBT/N/ARG/425 Proyecto de Resolución que incorpora a las torres metálicas para aerogeneradores al conjunto de productos que quedarán sujetos al cumplimiento de la Resolución ex SICyM N° 404/1999. 20/09/2021 Argentina
G/TBT/N/BRA/560/Add.7 Consolidation of technical quality regulation and conformity assessment requirements for televisions. 20/09/2021 Brasil
G/TBT/N/BRA/907/Add.11 Revocation of items concerning the risk classification of economic activities associated with the acts of release - Inmetro 20/09/2021 Brasil
G/TBT/N/USA/1772/Corr.1 Labeling of Meat or Poultry Products Comprised of or Containing Cultured Animal Cells. 20/09/2021 Estados Unidos
G/TBT/N/BRA/46/Add.1 Consolidation of Metrological Technical Regulation for alcohol meters. 15/09/2021 Brasil
G/TBT/N/USA/1484/Add.1 Energy Conservation Program: Test Procedure for Distribution Transformers 15/09/2021 Estados Unidos
G/TBT/N/USA/1773/Add.1 Corporate Average Fuel Economy Standards for Model Years 2024-2026 Passenger Cars and Light Trucks. 15/09/2021 Estados Unidos
G/TBT/N/BRA/1077/Add.2/Corr.1 Rectification of item 58 of the Object column, in Table 3 - Economic activities classified as risk level III, of Inmetro Ordinance No. 282 09/09/2021 Brasil
G/TBT/N/MEX/390/Add.3 Proyecto de Norma Oficial Mexicana PROY-NOM-181-SCFI/SAGARPA-2017, "Yogurt-Denominación, especificaciones fisicoquímicas y microbiológicas, información comercial y métodos de prueba". 08/09/2021 Mexico
G/TBT/N/USA/1772 Labeling of Meat or Poultry Products Comprised of or Containing Cultured Animal Cells 06/09/2021 Estados Unidos
G/TBT/N/EU/801/Add.1 Draft Commission Delegated Regulation amending Delegated Regulation (EU) 2019/934 supplementing Regulation (EU) No 1308/2013 of the European Parliament and of the Council as regards authorised oenological practices 03/09/2021 Union Europea
G/TBT/N/USA/708/Add.6 Energy Conservation Program for Consumer Products and Certain Commercial and Industrial Equipment: Test Procedures for Showerheads, Faucets, Water Closets, Urinals, and Commercial Prerinse Spray Valves . 09/09/2021 Estados Unidos
G/TBT/N/USA/1771 Protecting Against National Security Threats to the Communications Supply Chain Through the Equipment Authorization Program and the Competitive Bidding Program . 09/09/2021 Estados Unidos
G/TBT/N/AUS/129/Add.1 Review of the mandatory safety standard for Projectile Toys – Consultation paper. 03/09/2021 Australia