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G/TBT/N/USA/1886/Add.1 New Mailing Standards for the Separation of Hazardous Materials 01/12/2022 Estados Unidos
G/TBT/N/USA/1789/Add.1 Addition of Certain Chemicals; Community Right-to-Know Toxic Chemical Release Reporting 01/12/2022 Estados Unidos
G/TBT/N/KWT/610 "Rotating electrical machines - Efficiency classes of AC operated motors". 01/02/2022 Kuwait
G/TBT/N/KWT/609 "Electrical Clothes Dryers - Energy performance requirements and labeling 01/02/2022 Kuwait
G/TBT/N/KWT/608/Add.1 "Electrical Clothes Washing Machines - Energy and Water performance requirements and labelling" 30/11/2022 Kuwait
G/TBT/N/USA/490/Add.4 Safety Standard for Infant Walkers; Notice of Proposed Rulemaking 30/11/2022 Estados Unidos
G/TBT/N/USA/1323/Add.4 Clothing Storage Unit Tip Overs; Request for Comments and Information 30/11/2022 Estados Unidos
G/TBT/N/USA/1519/Add.12 Tobacco Products; Required Warnings for Cigarette Packages and Advertisements 30/11/2022 Estados Unidos
G/TBT/N/USA/1655/Add.7 Energy Conservation Program for Appliance Standards: Energy Conservation Standards for Residential Furnaces and Commercial Water Heaters. 30/11/2022 Estados Unidos
G/TBT/N/USA/1698/Add.1 Federal Communications Commission Rules To Enable GSO Fixed-Satellite Service (Space-to-Earth) Operations in the 17.3-17.8 GHz Band, To Modernize Certain Rules Applicable to 17/24 GHz BSS Space Stations, and To Establish Off-Axis Uplink Power Limits 30/11/2022 Egypt
G/TBT/N/USA/1742/Add.2 TSCA Section 8(a)(7) Reporting and Recordkeeping Requirements for Perfluoroalkyl and Polyfluoroalkyl Substances. 30/11/2022 Estados Unidos
G/TBT/N/USA/1820/Add.1 Substantial Product Hazard List: Window Covering Cords 30/11/2022 Estados Unidos
G/TBT/N/MEX/327/Add.1 PROY-NOM-002-CONAGUA-2015 "Aparatos y accesorios de uso sanitario" 30/11/2022 Mexico
G/TBT/N/USA/931/Rev.1/Add.4 Energy Conservation Program: Test Procedure for Ceiling Fans 29/11/2022 Estados Unidos
G/TBT/N/UKR/124/Add.2 Draft of the Resolution of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine "On Approval of the Technical Regulation on Ecodesign Requirements for Small, Medium and Large Power Transformers" 27/11/2022 Ukraine