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Ref. OMCTituloComen. HastaPais
G/TBT/N/CHL/613/Add.1 Propuesta de modificación al Reglamento Sanitario de los Alimentos, Decreto Supremo N° 977/96 del Ministerio de Salud, en materia de Aditivos Alimentarios. 31/03/2023 Chile
G/TBT/N/USA/1926/Add.1 Food Labeling: Nutrient Content Claims; Definition of Term "Healthy" 16/02/2023 Estados Unidos
G/TBT/N/JPN/756 Revision to the Order for Enforcement of the Consumer Product Safety Act and the Ministerial Order on Technical Requirements for Specified Products Concerning the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry 31/01/2023 Japan
G/TBT/N/KEN/1337 Sugar. Sugar products. Starch (ICS code(s): 67.180) 31/01/2023 Kenya
G/TBT/N/TZA/863 AFDC 14 (1684), Ricotta Cheese – Specification. 30/01/2023 Tanzania, United Rep
G/TBT/N/EU/937 Biocidal products 30/01/2023 Union Europea
G/TBT/N/KEN/1336 DKS 523-2:2022 Breakfast cereals — Specification Part 2: Flaked/puffed cereals (ready-to-eat). 29/01/2023 Kenya
G/TBT/N/KEN/1335 DKS 523-1:2022 Breakfast cereals — Specification Part 1: Rolled/flaked oats (quick-cooking type) 29/01/2023 Kenya
G/TBT/N/BDI/297 DEAS 1115-1:2022, Mattresses — Specification – Part 1: Flexible Polyurethane foams, First Edition 25/01/2023 Burundi
G/TBT/N/BDI/299 DEAS 1113: 2022 Footwear – Sports Shoes — Specification 25/01/2023 Burundi

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